Ever wondered how Bill Gates has successfully sustained the title of one of the richest and the most fortunate leaders of the world? How did Mark Zuckerberg manage to jell his feet with the innovatory grounds and continues to do so.

The genesis of innovation and true leadership lie not only with a solid degree but they also require you to continuously update yourself with knowledge and experiences. The success of a team is directly proportional to how a leader educates himself with latest practices and advancements in the modern business world.

Achieving this is not a difficult task anymore. Gone are the days where you had to take long walks with the wise to attain knowledge. We live in the days where the internet has become our foremost source of information, and resources such as Ted Talks are not only wholesome in education but are primary sources of inculcating positive changes in the society.

Over here we have an assortment of Ted Talks that will prove to be more beneficial than just a business degree.

1) Do not run from the error, engage with it: Carol Dweck

The idea of “not yet” instead of “fail” can produce miraculous results among learning mindsets. Charlie Reeve discusses the pathways created by growth mindset and a fixed mindset. In this talk, Reeve ditches the clichéd concept of now and works her way towards what to do next in difficult situations.

2) Empathy, the key to being a good human and a leader: Sam Richards

Sam Richards blatantly discusses the catastrophes caused by certain power dominating countries in this video. The notion of discussing and bringing out bitter realities is to clearly show how it feels to put ourselves in someone else’s shoes.

A good leader always integrates empathetic behavior with his daily leadership role. A good and solid base for a successful company is normally the aftermath of such strong binding components.

3) Percervearence, Your key to success by Angela Lee Duckworth:

In this video, Angela creates this beautiful comparison between children who received the top grades, and the ones who weren’t so highly achieving but persistent about their goals.

After several tests and projects she was determined that the underlined factor of success is not a temporary success, but grit; the ability to stay resolute at your goals.

4) Achieving happiness is not so difficult afterall : Srikumar Rao

Srikumar Rao beautifully indulges the audience into a logical and rational reasoning behind being happy. He discusses how being positive and happy is hard-wired into our brains since childbirth. But the mental model that we follow, and are trained with throughout our lives is quite opposite to that.

A successful and positive insight towards life is followed by a happy inside of a leader.

5) Control is not a necessary element of being a leader: David Marquet

David Marquet debates against the traditional style of leadership that revolved around gaining control and being in charge. He brings out his experiences to elaborate that a good manager is not a control-freak. Instead, he learns to distribute control and power to the ones working for him.

6) How to spark learning: Ramsey Musallam

We cannot undermine the value of innovation and experimentation seen as a major trait in the successful companies. Ramsey Musallam brings out his experiences as a chemistry teacher and discusses how moving forward and experimenting can bring out the best of motivation among employees.

7) Strength and persistence with empathy lead to success:  Linda Cliatt-Wayman

“Leaders make the impossible possible”. Linda comes across as a true symbol of a responsible leader who took initiative with her strength and resolution. She became the epitome of determination and proved that women are no less than men in being great leaders.

Her video is truly a treat for everyone who come from struggling backgrounds and have moved towards positivity with all the hardships.

8) Giving a chance to those who were rejected: Mike Brady and Dion Drew.

Mike Brady and Dion Drew break all the rules by hiring those people who are not considered fit or hiring. They converge their business policies at being empathetic towards those who were rejected. Mike clearly discusses how important it is to give your share in a society by taking responsibility to erase poverty. His deeply encouraging talk stimulates the leaders on trusting employees and giving them a chance to prove themselves.

9) The essence of vulnerability: Brené Brown

Whatever makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful.  Brene’ discusses beautifully how people should accept being vulnerable. She clearly confronts the fact that even though vulnerability is attached to pain, and detachment, but it is also the birthplace of all other beautiful feelings such as joy and feeling of belongingness.

Managers and leaders are eventually human beings who need to work on themselves from time to time to eradicate personal flaws and becoming better at what they do. This video clearly highlights how certain feelings can help you with that.